Welcome to the County Grand Lodge of the East website

Here you will find our latest news, photos, video’s and information, whether it be about our rich history, faith and charity work, open days, parade updates, events or about us in general.


The County Grand Lodge of the East is one of the 4 County Grand Lodges that make up the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland. The others being the County Grand Lodge of Ayrshire Renfrewshire and Argyle, County Grand Lodge of Glasgow and County Grand Lodge of Central Scotland.

We have Lodges as far afield as Inverness and Peterhead in the North to Prestonpans and Port Seton in the South East. We are the largest Geographical County Grand Lodge in Scotland and comprises some 74 Male/Female Lodges with Juvenile Lodges in the Central Belt. In 2018 we celebrate our 50th Anniversary as a County Grand Lodge and several Events are planned to celebrate this occasion.

Our History Heritage Culture and Faith are the very essence of our beliefs, and while we can justifiably be proud of these attributes, we also recognise that others are equally proud of their Culture, and we would not deny anyone else their right to celebrate their own beliefs.

We hope that you will find, as you browse through our Website, that it is informative, and goes some way in explaining out Culture, and that you will then more readily accept that when we say “ Civil and Religious Liberties for all and special privileges for none” are not merely sound bites, but the genuine beliefs of our Members. Please enjoy reading

George Wilson

County Grand Master