The Junior and Juvenile Section of our Institution is made up of children between the ages of 5 years to 17 years, although they may stay in the Juvenile until 17 and go with their Superintendent to visit an adult lodge. We also have what is termed the Cradle Roll allowing Adults to enrol their children at a very young age if they so desire. We should try and encourage young people to join the movement it is an unforgettable experience. We try to learn our young people and give them confidence, when they can stand up in a room full of people and put across a very good argument, encourage our young members to become good citizens and try to make a difference.

Currently we have lodges operating in Armadale, Edinburgh, Prestonpans and Falkirk, each Juvenile/ junior lodge consists of an Adult Superintendent. Assistant Superintendent, Adult Treasurer and not forgetting the most important people themselves the Juvenile / Junior members and can I just add when you are working with kids you need to have Disclosure Scotland which all our adults have.

Our Aim is to teach our young members to become better citizens and support and learn about our Protestant Faith and culture. Religious content forms a very important part of our Lodge meetings, Love of God, Faith in Christ and study of the Bible. The Institution is based on the Holy Bible and the truths contained there, and our Christian way of life is taught to the children be it in stories or our Bible Reading or Scripture Quiz competitions where the winners go forward and represent our Grand Lodge of Scotland against their counterparts from the Grand Lodge of Ireland and England. The Activities the children take part in are many and varied for example ; Charity Events which they are encouraged to get involved in, General Quizzes for fun, Picnics, days out many and varied sports events, Bible Reading and Scripture quiz of which I have already mentioned, Summer Camp, Educational Trips and not forgetting our Church Parades and Fun Day Parades

We have in the past taken our children on educational trips which include taking a group of children to Ulster for either a long weekend or a week and we lived at Warren House in Donaghadee a facility belonging to the Grand Lodge of Ireland unfortunately this facility no longer exists today, from there we took in a visit to the River Boyne and the visitors centre to see where the famous battle took place, Dan Winters cottage and James Sloan’s house to find out where and when the Orange Order began, A visit to Shomberg house Grand Lodge of Irelands headquarters and heritage centre and not forgetting taking part in the Carrickfergus Pageant to celebrate the re-enactment of the landing of William 111 Prince of Orange and then meeting up with Juniors from both England and Ulster.

We also ran a very successful Summer Camp; Kids got active at Camp no mobiles or electronic gadgets were allowed they were there to have fun the boys were living in tents as well as the brothers and the girls and sisters in indoor accommodation

they participated in a programme of outdoor activities which included water sports, days out, creative activities, action fun days team building supported by fully qualified leaders, and many of them made friends with other members out with their own areas and maintained lasting friendships, mostly they were just having fun. Sadly this came to an end with the changing times but leaving lasting happy memories.

A Triannual Conference; Every three years a conference takes place where children aged between 12 – 17 years from each of the home jurisdictions take part in a three day conference the first was held in Bonally Edinburgh in 2006. In 2009 the 2nd took place at Crawfordsburn Scout Camp Ulster and in 2012 Grand Lodge of England hosted their conference at a Scout camp in Lancashire, the 2015 event was held back in Scotland where the children took part in Archery, Orienteering and climbing, swimming and canoeing, at the end of the conference the juniors did a presentation project on a chosen subject.

The youth involvement is essential to the future, the need to adapt to change, our vision is to have a youth organisation shaped by young people in partnership with forward looking adults, our lives and times have changed and we need to look at living in a more modern and changing world.